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Healing the world, one disorder at a time

The Jamaica Scientific Research Institute (JaSciRes) manufactures Herbal products from plants that have been used traditionally in Jamaica to treat certain Chronic disorders of the Respiratory, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Reproductive and Ophthalmic systems including Asthma, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Hypertension and Obesity, to name a few. These diseases are not fully understood and are therefore the subject of rigorous scientific and medical inquiry in order to find better agents for their treatment and relief.

JaSciRes may also provide other herbal products as 'Special Orders'.

JaSciRes advocates the use of conventional therapies and encourages all persons to take full advantage of the advances made in medicine in recent times for the treatment of illnesses from which they suffer. In many cases, however, natural teas or beverages from carefully selected plants may provide additional and unexpected benefit. 

JaSciRes exists because it is our desire that each person will live longer, work and play harder and will be free to realize his or her full potential.

Our ingredient plants are all safe to ingest. All have established use in folklore without reports of toxic events and some have also been subject to scientific toxicity tests.

Are you a CANCER patient undergoing CHEMOTHERAPY

ACID REGULATOR has proven very effective in relieving nausea, vomiting, heartburn and few other digestive conditions that accompany Chemotherapy Treatment.

ACID regulator is also effective in stopping or controlling the digestive effects of Norovirus infection or Stomach flu.

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Does FAT BURNER by JaSciRes Ltd. really work?

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Please note that results have been delayed due to the Chikungunya epidemic

Suffering from Chikungunya?

Did you know that herbs provide unexpected benefits to the body?

Try our new MOVE FREELY herbal massage oil to relieve those stiff aching joints and move easier again as you recover from the Chikungunya disease.

Our products make a world of difference to your health and well-being.