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Jamaica Scientific Research Institute
Live better. Live longer.

The Jamaica Scientific Research Institute (JaSciRes) was formed in 2004 with the aim of ‘Healing the World, One disorder at a time’. The initial phase of the company, lasting eight and a half years, focused on the research of various plants and herbal concoctions used, in folklore, in the treatment of various disorders. In 2013, JaSciRes transitioned to product development. Our manufacturing facility and operations exceed the mandatory requirements of the Public Health Department of Saint James and The Bureau of Standards Jamaica, two of our regulators.

JaSciRes utilizes a number of endemic and other plants in the manufacture of its herbal products. We have taken a number of years to acquire information on the traditional treatments for particular diseases in Jamaica and to systematically record the constituents, the method of use and the result achieved, and to verify safety. Many of our ingredient plants have been shown, empirically, to improve particular disease phenotypes within very reasonable time-frames, with many of these improvements having long-lasting effect. Some plants have been scientifically tested, and all are safe to ingest. Some of the plants are also known in literature.

JaSciRes provides products that may contribute to an improvement of the quality of life.

JaSciRes follows strict scientific methodologies in its collection and processing of plant material used in production. No hazardous solvents or other processes are employed. Customized extraction techniques as well as proprietary dosage considerations all account for a superb and effective blend. We do not use plants that are known or suspected to contain toxic or narcotic principles.

JaSciRes advises all interested persons to inform themselves about alternatives that may be of use in treating certain disease states.

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