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Jamaica Scientific Research Institute
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JaSciRes Ltd. is headed by Dwight Collins and Avril Chen-Collins who together span years of experience in Natural Products, Bioorganic and Synthetic Chemistry. Both hold Ph.D's in Chemistry.



Immediately before forming JaSciRes, Dwight was the Dreyfus Post-doctoral fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A. where he worked in the area of Chemical Ecology. He has held part-time lectureship positions in Chemistry at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

Avril held a post-doctoral position at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia in the area of virology. She then transitioned to Tanaud International BV, a subsidiary of the Shire Pharmaceutical company before joining JaSciRes fulltime. She has held part-time lectureship positions at the University of Technology.