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What was the challenge?

JaSciRes invited applications for persons to LOSE WEIGHT with the aid of the FAT BURNER all natural herbal product. The challenge was advertised in the WESTERN MIRROR in October 2013, and six (6) challengers were selected from the pool of applicants. 

What were the unexpected benefits of FAT BURNER?

2013 FAT BURNER Weight Loss Challenge Results and Testimonials Below

Although you can tell that you've lost weight by the smaller reading on a scale (pounds lost) or a measuring tape (inches lost) or just by the feel of your clothes, how do you know what's happening inside your body and if you are actually getting healthier?

All six challengers below were asked to do lipid blood tests at a certified Laboratory in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Of the six, two were found to have abnormal cholesterol reading before starting the 6 weeks course. How did FAT BURNER deal with the high cholesterol after six weeks and with no change in diet or lifestyle of these persons?

Impressive - See cholesterol results below!

AFTER WEEK SIX (6) - FINAL RESULTS for the six week challenge

Why did they enter?

Challenger 1 has been obese for most of life. Obesity is on both sides of the family. At age 53 the burden of weight began to take its toll: swollen feet, tiredness, back pains, laboured breathing led to depression. Despite being very active and changing eating habits, the excess weight just wouldn’t go. This person also tried and even sold other weight loss products, but those products didn’t do much and the weight came back quickly after stopping.

I was sick, had numerous complaints eg stomach problems, stress, ankle pains, gas, shortness of breath (climbing hills), couldn’t walk fast.

After the first bottle of FAT BURNER by JASCIRES, I was overjoyed to see the results.
My stomach problem and ankle pains went. I could walk faster, even over hills!

Also I used to have cramps in my arms in the mornings but those went too.
Most Stress is gone too. This product has so many good benefits. Before this, I tried exercise and other weight loss products but my belly would not budge. It remained as large like a barrel, heavy and weighted down. With FAT BURNER, it is finally going and although the scale doesn't show it, I feel healthier and as light as a feather and I feel so good about myself.
Please show my face when you publish this - Carol

Challenger 2 hates being called ‘fat and sour’. This person has tried weight loss pills and other products to look and feel better about self, but to no avail. Although wanting to be healthier and to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes, the main reason for entering is that sex drive and sexual performance was getting weaker, perhaps because of the excess weight. This person doesn't want to be cheated on and has decided to try FAT BURNER by JaSciRes.

Challenger 3 was tired of being tired and down. This person had always been one to get up and go before body weight ballooned. This person feels healthier and more energetic using FAT BURNER by JaSciRes and is pleased with the weight loss and other benefits of the product. Next step, to reduce the number of pills taken daily for weight related illnesses.

Challenger 4 has obesity on both sides of the family. Exercising was a challenge due to shortness of breath, but using FAT BURNER by JaSciRes, that shortness of breath went early as the excess weight continues to come off.

I lost 6 pounds over the 6 weeks, but the
greatest benefit for me, as I am asthmatic, was that FAT BURNER by JASCIRES really helped my breathing. I know I would have lost more with exercise involved. - (R.B.)

Challenger 5 is tired of being the victim of insults. This person sees a beautiful face in the mirror that is matched with an unflattering body from the neck down (own words used). This person also has a number of weight related illnesses and has started to get healthier with FAT BURNER by JaSciRes.

The product does exactly what it promises and the taste isn’t unpleasant. I lost some weight without diet or exercise.

For sometime now, I had been undergoing a stressful period in my life trying to balance work, studies and family demands. I have observed that since taking this product,
I handle these stressful periods much better. I am not constantly overwhelmed, anxious and distressed as I usually was, I sleep better and have a clear mind.

The best benefit, however, is what it did to my high cholesterol levels. Prior to taking the product, I had been trying for sometime to lower my cholesterol by regulating my diet. In the six weeks, FAT BURNER by JASCIRES increased my good cholesterol, and decreased both the bad and very bad, and now my cholesterol ratios are favourable and back in range.
I intend to continue using this product and will recommend it to anyone who is interested in losing weight, obtaining healthy cholesterol levels and controlling stress. - (P.T.)

Challenger 6 is a young person who has experienced pain and depression as a result of weight ballooning in a short time. This person hoped to sleep better, breathe better and feel better and is doing so with FAT BURNER by JaSciRes.

This product does exactly what it says, burns fat. The taste isn't unpleasant. I lost some 8lbs using the product fat burner without exercising or dieting for a period of 6 weeks.

For the few weeks of using the product,
I have greater physical strength and an energy boost. I had many complaints of lower back pain, feet hurting after standing for a period of time, overwhelmed (mentally) and sinus problem and the list goes on.

The best benefit I saw was with my menstrual cycle. For sometime now, I had been diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries. This caused my periods to be irregular.
During the 6 weeks on FAT BURNER, for the first time in a long time, my period came on time and normal, without me taking any medication to start or stop the flow. Using the JaSciRes Fat Burner product, I now feel confident and full of energy.

I will continue using this product and would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in losing weight or just to have a healthy lifestyle - Krissy (St. James, Jamaica)

Our products make a world of difference to your health and well-being.

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